How to Make a Picture
Here are the steps I use to create an architectural image for a client. They are the same steps for drawing/painting any urban environment.  
Just reading Anne Lamott’s “Bird by Bird” and laughing out loud at some of her drolleries. It struck me how marvelous to put something out in the world that can cause physical pleasure twenty years after you laid it down. How some guy you’ll never know in North Carolina is At This Moment appreciating your voice. Then I thought of Shakespeare, who is – as you probably know – long dead. The immense joy his brief years of work have brought, long beyond his knowing or caring. (He, in all probability, cared most about the day’s receipts in the cashbox.[...]
And if you white, middle class dinosaurs Think the boys in blue in Bagdad drag Have nothing to do with you, Just wait Just wait ‘til you’ve had enough enough sixteen dollar chicken enough seven dollar milk enough five dollar gas With nary a raise in a decade With nothing but a big empty smile From your “elected representative” And you bow up a little And say, “Hey, ain’t this my country too?” Like the people of Ferguson said Like black people been saying for 150 years See how the answer comes Hard as a rubber bullet Fast as a[...]

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