How is sausage made? What REALLY goes on in an operating room? What do super-models talk about when they’re not pouting? These questions have plagued mankind for generations.  Another, perhaps lesser, subject of conjecture has been the goings on in that cauldron of creativity, the art studio. Here’s the classic image:


Just a bunch of folks hanging out with Courbet while he creates a masterpiece. I especially like that there’s a semi-clothed metaphor looking over his shoulder. Nudity is a reoccurring theme:


As is the artist’s sartorial selections:


Reality, unfortunately, is not so romantic, or even Romantic. Here’s a guy you might know….


Well, Picasso probably deserved an entire mansion for a studio. By way of comparison, images from my little (too little) den of artiquity:

MySTudio1     MyStudio2

Notice there’s no room for a semi-clothed metaphor, even if I had one.