From the forming of the mountains to the coming of the railroad, this book provides fun for the whole family.   Detailed drawings give a feeling for the early days in the mountains, including an honest representation of the treatment of Indians and Blacks. Great for colored pencils, watercolor and watercolor pencils.

There are only two rules for this coloring book:
#1 You don’t have to stay within the lines!
#2 You can stay within the lines if you want to!

8.5×11, Soft Cover, 26 pages


Product Description

Historically accurate, detailed images of life in the Appalachian Mountains from the forming of the mountains until the 1840’s,“ An Early Appalachian Coloring Book” presents not only European history, but African- and Native- Americans as well. While there is no story-line, the images are approximately chronological, with certain “characters” reappearing. As time progresses, the arrival of more settlers, technology and civilization is apparent in the images. While the book is weighted toward the southern Appalachians, the information is valid from Maine to Georgia.


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